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Jew’s Harp Festival 1998: Program & Participants

International Jew´s Harp Festival 1998 – 3rd Jew’s Harp World Congress


Monday 22. 6. 1998 : 3 p.m. Opening of the 3rd Jew´s Harp World Congress

overtone music, mouth bow, overtone singing

8 p.m. big Opening ceremony of the Jew´s Harp Festival:

– Opening and moderation: Franz Kumpl & Manfred Rußmann
– Grand entrance of the members of the traditional costumes-group.
– Speech of Mrs. Angela Ortner (president of the provincial government) and Mr. Erich Dirngrabner (mayor of Molln).

– The participating countries (16 nations) present themselves with a short piece of music.

– Speech of Mr. Ivan Alexejev, president of the International Jew´s Harp Center in Jakutsk.

4 – 8 p.m.  Special Post-Office on our festival area with the special post-mark „International Jew´s Harp Festival“

Tuesday 23. 6. 1998 : 9 a.m. Congress: Techniques of trump playing, history, trump production,

discussions, round tables, presentation of the book of Angela Mohr

9 a.m. Presentation of films:

– The Shaman
– The Song of Harmonics from Tran Quang Hai
– Film about Spiridon Shishigin by Gerd Conradt
– The Trump in the Trouser Pocket (Video)

7 30 p.m. Concert: „The Trump in the Trouser Pocket“
alpine style (Austria, Europe), moderator Mikl Phillipp

– Mittenwalder Maultrommler (Germany)
– Maultrommeltrio Hüttlinger (Germany)
– Leitner Ursula (Austria)
– Mollner Maultrommler (Austria)
– Raschhofer Terzett (Austria)
– Weerberger Maultrommler (Austria)
– Jocher Hans (Italy)
– Ramoner Michael (Italy)
– Zauchenseer Viergesang (Austria)

Wednesday 24.6.1998: 9 a.m. Congress: Trump and eroticism, music therapy, the trump in popular music, classic and literature

8 p.m. Concert: Attwenger, live-groovin´-downbeat-slang-sound (Austria) About Attwenger

Thursday 25.6.1998:  „Trump is Liberty“ 7 p.m. in the evening big fire of summer

summer solstice, free performances, international sessions

2 – 6 p.m. We have a special Post-Office on our festival area with the special post-mark „3rd Jew´s Harp World Congress“

„A Jew’s Harp Journey around the World“

from Friday to Sunday: Concerts with Jew´s Harp Players from all over the world!

* Friday: 6 p.m. – 12 p.m.

USA, Europe

26. 6. 1998
Brandstätter Annelies (Austria)
Günther Arnold (Germany)
Conradt Gerd (Germany)
Anton Bruhin (Switzerland)
Frko D.L. (Slovakia)
Alexander Horsch (Hungary)
Miklos Paisz (Hungary)
Aron Szilagyi (Hungary)
Calanduccio Emanuele (Italy)
Frederick Crane (USA)
Gordon Frazier (USA)
Janet Gohring (USA)
Bill Gohring (USA)
Larry Hanks (USA)
David Holt (USA)
Mike Seeger (USA)
Mollner Maultrommler (Austria)
Paulus Albin (Austria)

festival area

* Saturday: 3 p.m. – 12 p.m. Europe, Russian Federation

27. 6. 1998
Shruti Box (Germany)
Tapani Varis and Band (Finland)
Phons Bakx (Netherlands)
Enno Meijers (Netherlands)
Anon Egeland (Norway)
Folke B. Nesland (Norway)
Vadutov Rajap (RF Bashkortostan)
Zagretdinov Robert (RF Bashkortostan)
Zainetdinov Mindigafur (RF Bashkortostan)
Bairyshev Bolot (RF Gonij Altai)
Alexeyev Ivan (RF Sakha-Yakutia)
Badayeva Marfa (RF Sakha-Yakutia)
Borisov Kim (RF Sakha-Yakutia)
Burtsev German (RF Sakha-Yakutia)
Gotovtsev Innokenti (RF Sakha-Yakutia)
Ivanov Alexandr (RF Sakha-Yakutia)
Kalachev Leonid (RF Sakha-Yakutia)
Shishigin Spiridon (RF Sakha-Yakutia)
Kuular Anatoli (RF Tuva)

Hans Pomassl (Austria)
Christian Fennesz (Austria)
special compositions of electronic Jew´s Harp sound

* Sunday: 10 30 a.m. – 12 a.m. Traditional morning pint and concerts

28. 6. 1998 of the Molln hometown brass orchestras

3 p.m. – open end Asia

Yedil Khusainov (Kasachstan)
Ensemble Keremet (Kirgistan)
Tran Quang Hai (Vietnam)
Isomija Emiko (Japan)
Leo Tadagawa (Japan)
Shigiko Teshi (Japan)
Toko Midori (Japan)
Toyama Saki (Japan)
Yamamoto Eiko (Japan)
Banay Mulu (Taiwan)
Ramesh Shotam (India) and Tobias Ott (Germany)

Bodo Hell (Austria) with Anton Bruhin (Switzerland)
Jew´s Harp and Poems

Sibylle Starkbaum (Austria)
Jew´s harp and dance

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